Three fluffy cats. Striped not purebred kittens. Kittens on a white background. Small predators. Small cats.

Hey! I’m Hannah and I absolutely adore cats and kittens (their so cute). So that’s what my blog is going to be about, cats!

Cats have extremely sensitive hearing. So it hurts their ears if the people around them are shouting. Consequently, when around people who are shouting, they’ll be in pain and will want to leave their home.

In the Christmas holidays I visited my uncle, who has a cat called Oscar. The last time I saw Oscar he was just a little kitten, now he is a super cute cat with an enormous, bushy tail! He’s a long haired cat and his fur is extremely soft: my uncle brushes Oscar’s fur once a week (as you should do with long haired cats) or it’ll get knotted and matted.