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Attack! App reviews by Louis Hi! Welcome back! I have a crazy amount in store for you today: first up… You have probably heard of Clash of Clans before? Yes?! If not, then read this! You get a birds-eye view of your “base”, then you create your very own army!  Goblins, Giants, even Samurai Robots: […]

Reigns? Ambrose? Lesnar? Fastlane! There is only one question, who will win? Will it be the big dog Roman Reigns? Will it be the Intercontinental Champion, the lunatic fringe Dean Ambrose? Or will it be the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar? The winner will go onto to face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship […]

I’m Rich!! App reviews by Louis: 28/1/16 Want to be a millionaire? A billionaire? A trillionaire?  If so then just tap on AdVenture Capitalist.  Start off with just a lemonade stall, but in minutes you could be the biggest business man on Earth…and beyond!! Plan your investments wisely and you could strike gold! It is a […]

This week, episode 3 has come out! It’s called, ‘The Mark of Cain’. Already I had questions. Who’s Cain? I found out. Here’s the story. So, Lily has been asked to look after her younger cousin. She hates her, because she’s always misbehaving. (Well, she is only 6 or 7- probably.) Anyway, later, they take […]

Hi, my name is Daria. I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old. I have won lots of medals and trophies, so I decided to write a blog all about dance. Many years ago all around the world dancing was a big part of many rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. These days, however, dance is […]

Hi, my name is Josh. Welcome to my blog. My blog is based around cars, fast cars. There are millions and I mean millions of cars in the world, from Ford to Maclaren, cars come in all shapes and sizes. My favourite car in the whole entire world is the Nissan GTR. The GTR may […]

Hi my name is Henry Foreman and I love gaming. I’m 11 years old and I go to school. This is my first ever blog. I’m going to show you cheats, downloading and how to play with your friends etc. These blogs will help you a lot in new games you don’t know. Yesterday I […]

App reviews by Louis Last night I was searching the App store when I saw what looked like a really cool game to add to my collection: Stickman Skateboarder by Traction Games. I downloaded it, happy to have another Stickman game (I love Stickman games!) and I completed most of the levels in that day. […]

Hey I’m Ashsian here to tell you about the amazing Lady of the mic….. Lady Leshur is a fun, girly rapper from Manchester, everyone will LOVE her music. My recommended would be ‘Lukater’ funny, awesome, fiery my fav. I’ll be HERE to update you in all of her new songs, interesting facts, family life and […]

Stylin’ and Profilin’ Hi! I am Kemi Carter. A fashion geek. This is my first blog, so far. I am just a regular school girl who love to write (and as you may have already noticed) I am a fashion lover. From splashing my cash on the latest trends, to shading a prestigious flick of […]