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App reviews by Louis Last night I was searching the App store when I saw what looked like a really cool game to add to my collection: Stickman Skateboarder by Traction Games. I downloaded it, happy to have another Stickman game (I love Stickman games!) and I completed most of the levels in that day. […]

Hey I’m Ashsian here to tell you about the amazing Lady of the mic….. Lady Leshur is a fun, girly rapper from Manchester, everyone will LOVE her music. My recommended would be ‘Lukater’ funny, awesome, fiery my fav. I’ll be HERE to update you in all of her new songs, interesting facts, family life and […]

Stylin’ and Profilin’ Hi! I am Kemi Carter. A fashion geek. This is my first blog, so far. I am just a regular school girl who love to write (and as you may have already noticed) I am a fashion lover. From splashing my cash on the latest trends, to shading a prestigious flick of […]

Hey everyone! I’m new to blogging, and each week, I will be summarising each episode from the new series of Eve. (Eve is a show on CBBC, for those of you who didn’t know.) I’ll be starting from episode two: Truth or Dare. After the summary, I’ll be sharing parts I liked and disliked from […]

  Well the thing is there isn’t a significant difference between these two boots. They’re both for different football techniques. Hyper venom are for deadly agility and wicked touch. Mercurial are for super speed and better shots. You can buy these boots at

Welcome back to Worsley Bridge Newsround and a Happy New Year to you all. Our news team are back with some exciting information regarding after school clubs, an amazing concert, a new website feature and much more. We also take some time to talk to some pupils who attend a few of the many clubs […]

Welcome to Worsley Bridge Newsround and our very first ever video news bulletin for this term. In this months round-up, the children discuss all of the amazing events happening at our school from now until the end of term on 18th December so please be sure to listen out for those all important dates. The […]