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This year we will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 5th April. We will not be dressing up inthe usual book character costumes. As a school we have decided to do something a bit different. The theme for our book day will be grammar! Getthinking about creative ways you can dress up assomething relating […]

At Worsley Bridge we are very proud of the fact we take our children ona wide variety of school visits. They add great value to our curriculumand the children thoroughly enjoy the experience. As parents we value your support and we would not be able to go without you.A parent helper is vital on all […]

A warm welcome back to all our families! I hope you enjoyed your half term break as much asI did. The weather was very kind to us and it was certainly great to be out and about in thesunshine! The children have returned to school with positive attitudes and are working hardand are ready to […]

With technology gripping everyones lives at any age these days, it is increasingly important that all parents and carers become far more internet aware. Social media apps and websites have become almost second nature to our children. Along with this huge leap in technological communication comes many pit falls and potential problems that we all […]

This week began with a wonderful assembly about Charles Darwin by 3W. The childrenrecreated significant moments from his life and clearly explained why his workhas been so important. Like all good assemblies it made us laugh, it was full of interesting facts and there was even a wonderful rap! 3W well done-it was a great […]

Can you believe we only have 2 weeks until half term? This week has flown by and I havebeen visited by lots of children who have shared the most amazing work. I havebeen treated to fact sheets about volcanoes and wonderful stories aboutmischievous cats! In our celebration assembly we heard from all the classteachers and […]

Miss Wilkin has been busy ‘tweeting’ this week to keep you up to date with the latest events at Worsley Bridge, however we think some parents are following the old account. Please check your twitter accounts and follow us @worsley_bridge NOT @worlseybridge. Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend.

On Wednesday Mr Gwilliam took some children from year 3 and 4 to our first ever Kurling competition. Suhaab, Kelsey, Isla, Wisdom and Ethen played at Cooper’s school in Chislehurst using specially adapted Kurling stones. The team performed really well they played 4 matches, they won 2 and drew 1!

Over the course of the week each class has worked with the Dental Health team to ‘polish’ up their teeth cleaning skills. Not only did the children learn about how to keep their teeth sparkly clean they were given advice on what to eat to ensure their bright smiles last a life time.

4W kicked off our week with a fabulous assembly about Varjak Paw- a cat born into a family of Mesopotamian Blue cats. We learnt that Varjak was different from his siblings and how he persevered to learn the ways of Jalal in order to keep his family safe! Well done 4W-you are clearly enjoying this […]