Whatan aspirational week we have had at Worsley Bridge. On Monday Jack and Luke proudly showed off their mum’s marathon medal in our celebration assembly. MrsBerrigan completed the London Marathon in just over 5 hours and we couldn’t bemore proud of her achievement. We were equally delighted to hear how Drew andTheo’s mum, Sam Williams, won best overall amateur female at last weekend’sPure Elite competition and how Kaysn’s mum, Tasha Robertson was equallysuccessful at the same competition. Both ladies have now obtained their procards and are now able to compete at a professional level. It is fantastic tobe able to learn new things about our families and to be able to pass on ourcongratulations. Please let us know if you or your child has something tocelebrate-who knows who it will inspire!

On Tuesday 3B returned to school very motivated about their most recent topic after a very successful and informative trip to Crofton Roman Villa in Orpington. The morning was spent finding out about the villa discovered in the carpark, making mosaics, learning about life in Roman times and dressing up in Roman outfits! I am sure that 3W are looking forward to their trip on Tuesday!

Todaywe were joined by Ildako and 17 Hungarian students who are here visiting theUK. We were so impressed this morning at how confidently they delivered theirpresentations. It was fascinating to find out about Hungary, Budapest and the visitor’sschool. Not only did the children present to us in immaculate English they hadcreated films and PowerPoints to help us really get a flavour of theirwonderful country. It even gave Laura in year 5 the opportunity to be able tospeak in her home language. My thanks go to Mrs Rose for introducing us to Ildako and enabling us to experience a taste of life beyond Worsley Bridge. I know Iam definitely keen to visit Budapest after today! I am sure you willneed no reminding that school will be closed on Monday as we will be enjoyingan extra day at home due to the bank holiday.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Williams