Maths at Worsley Bridge

Worsley Bridge Mathematicians

Worsley Bridge Mathematicians’ are curious, flexible learners who are confident, adventurous, resilient and risk-taking in their approach. Through practical activity, exploration and discussion, at Worsley Bridge we aim for all children to be mentally fluent, able to see patterns and connections within the number system. Children are focused on how they got to their answers and encouraged to make their own discoveries.

They learn through the support of models and images and apparatus. Worsley Bridge children will be competent at dealing with number and its application to real life contexts, able to use appropriate terminology. They will develop their own reliable, effective strategies for calculating, reasoning and problem solving through logical, systematic approaches.

We set aspirational goals for our children so that they become confident in their everyday lives and promote enjoyment and enthusiasm through maths.


At Worsley Bridge Primary School mathematics is taught daily. We have high expectations for all our children and aim to make lessons fun, interactive and relevant for all pupils.

In our Early Years we use an approach to mathematics teaching based on Singapore Maths.  The principles are based on a concrete – pictorial – abstract – cycle of learning. There are many reasons that this approach develops understanding so well, but one key factor is its step-by-step approach that can be used at home or in the classroom. Young children are happy playing with blocks or drawing pictures, but they can find number symbols like 5 + 2 = 7 confusing.  The C-P-A approach aims to link together practical experiences with abstract numbers.

The Singapore method begins by allowing children to start learning about maths by playing with real objects, blocks or cut-out pictures. They build confidence with the basic ideas of adding and taking away. There is then a second stage of drawing pictures representing the objects. And only later do they gradually start to add numbers to their drawings…

Beyond the early years our children will build on their learning using our Effective Mathematics curriculum. Please click here for access to the Effective Mathematics website, where you can find out more about the approach we use. This is underpinned by highly visual and concrete approaches to mathematics and is fully aligned to the expectations set out in the National Curriculum 2014. This approach has a strong base of evidence to show it develops a deep knowledge and understanding for all pupils including our most able.

Children must be exposed to different representations of mathematical concepts in order to embed understanding, as well as manipulating known number facts through missing number scenarios. There is a strong emphasis on maths talk and learning key mental basic skills, such as number bonds, multiplication facts and the inverses. The expectations of the National Curriculum have changed and whilst it is important to challenge all pupils, we must also ensure that children are making progress towards mastery level by having opportunities to reason about number and recognize patterns and relationships; which will only be the case if pupils are taught how to develop these skills. We are able to provide additional support for pupils who are struggling with an area or aspect of mathematical development.

Our tracking of all our pupils’ progress enables us to identify any barriers, issues or gaps in learning early on.  We will deliver small group sessions taught by our most experienced teachers in addition to the daily maths lesson.

Fluency in maths is further developed through the use of Mathletics.  Each child has their own individual login and home learning tasks can be set through Mathletics for the children to complete or to challenge themselves by competing online in math competitions.  Click here for more information about Mathletics.

To support your understanding, we run workshops about calculating methods for parents. Please see our diary of events for details and dates.  Sometimes, the methods of calculating we teach are different from those parents and carers used when they were at school.  We have developed a new calculation policy in-line with the expectations of the new National Curriculum. If you have any questions about mathematics at Worsley Bridge Primary School, please do speak to your class teacher.

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