Day 3 Pictures added!

On 20th March 2018, year 6 classes set off for their 4 day residential to the amazing Hindleap Warren in the Ashdown Forest.

Set in 300 acres of private woodland in the Ashdown Forest, Hindleap works with nearly 10,000 children and young people every year, supporting and challenging them to be the best they can be. The venue provide residential and day courses opportunities for children and young people from schools and youth groups.

Through a combination of outdoor activities and the inherent benefits of attending a residential centre, young people are given the opportunity to develop their social and emotional capabilities. A trip to Hindleap offers children the chance to improve their confidence, develop leadership skills, become more determined, and create positive relationships with their peers.

As you can imagine, our children are having an amazing time so far with a number of amazing activities already under their belt. We will be posting new pictures daily as we receive them so please keep checking back for more.

Day 2:

Here are a few more pictures. We are having a couple of issues uploading the pictures due to the internet connection at Hindleap. Mrs Palmer will bring some more photos back tomorrow.

Day 3:

The photos below show some of the fun they have had so far – rock climbing, encouraging their friends to climb up a tree and jump off a platform (called leap of faith), team building, shelter making and fire making…plus eating marshmallows and going on a forest adventure that left them all very wet!