Dear Parents and Carers,

Despite Mr Lam’s best efforts we have not be able to completely clear the playground and will therefore need to dismiss children from the Brackley Road entrance/exit. Please read this information carefully so that you know where to collect your child from:

RW/RB- the gate used to access reception when your child first started school​

Year 1 and 2: From the hall

Year 3: The main door into school where we dismiss clubs

Year 4: Classroom doors

Year 5: Classroom doors

Year 6: Science lab (this is the end classroom on the right as you face the building)

We thank you in advance for your support and ask that you remain patient with us as it is likely to take a little longer to dismiss children. Please will you ask your children not to throw the snow so that we can all leave safely and happily!

Kind regards

Rebecca Williams