Stem week in Year 1 was a real hit with all of the children and we certainly covered a range of activities.

Our week started off with an activity linked to our previous topic of ‘Chicks’! During this activity we were looking at the best materials that we could use to make birds nests! Our second activity linked to the chicks required the children to draw on their mathematical position skills where they were required to directing the chick to different points on a map.

Our next activity required the children to think scientifically and called upon them to look at the characteristics of different animals. This was a really fun activity for the children and was really interesting to find that pigs actually can fly!

STEM week also provided us with the opportunity to link in our ‘London’ topic! Both classes participated in two activities. The first activity required the children to order London landmarks in height order and to the measure them with blocks;or if they wanted a challenge a ruler! The children were then challenged to build a famous London landmark and asked to identity facts such as how many blocks tall/ wide and the colour block used the most.

The final activity for the children was a scientific/ engineering experiment in which we wanted the children to build parachutes. The children had so much fun designing the parachutes and had even more fun releasing them from the Year 2 staircase!


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Brilliant Birds:

Classifying Animals:

London Eye:

Bug Hunting: