In year 2 we have been reading The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge. In the story, the Beast has a treacherous journey to the city by jumping down mountains and cliffs, so we decided it would be helpful if he had a parachute. We created our own parachutes using different materials and added paperclips for weight. We wanted to find out what affects the speed a parachute can fall through the air. We learnt about fair testing and in groups tested our parachutes. The results told us that the heavier the weight of the beast the quicker the parachute fell!


Jellyfish Bottles

We have been researching jellyfish to understand more about them and their habitats. In The Lonely Beast, the Beast has to pass through a sea full of dangerous jellyfish. Did you know most jellyfish are transparent? This means we can’t always see them in our seas! Look at our jellyfish bottles (they are made from clear plastic bags), can you see the jellyfish?


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Habitat Sorting:


Parachute Experiment: