Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all! The children have got themselves off to an excellent start this term and are already working hard to achieve their academic targets, personal goals and new year resolutions! Well done everyone, please keep up the great work and positive attitudes!

An integral part of life at Worsley Bridge is our School Council and you will remember that we recently held elections for our new council representatives. The response from the children was excellent and there were many willing volunteers ready to take on the responsibility of representing their class. Last year’s council worked exceptionally hard and achieved many successes including:

  •  Meeting the local committee
  • Interviewing Lord Wills
  • Agreeing and implementing the behaviour star badges
  • Agreeing that we will have houses
  • Ensuring behaviour charts work well
  • Deciding on the new school logo
  • Contributing to the promotional film about the school
  • Deciding on the play zones at lunchtime

I would like to thank all the children for their hard work. They all made an excellent contribution to school life and have brought about many positive changes. I am delighted to now introduce you to this year’s council and am really looking forward to working with Huxley, Aimee, Lexi and Riley (year 1), Sharna, Damien, Poppy and Wisdom (year 2), Micah, Kelsey, Roman and Nancy (year 3), Taysia, Loki, Polly and Ellie (year 4), Sam, Thea, Elena and Noelia (year 5), Amelia, Ryan, Lucy and Ryan (year 6). The children have a busy year ahead and I am certain they will continue the good work of last year’s council!

As the VIPs were setting up the hall this morning for our first ‘Celebration Assembly’ they were wondering how we could possibly have anything to celebrate after only 3 days of being back at school. It was a wonderful assembly as we not only heard from the teachers about how well children are doing in their classes, Mr Bennett was able to award silver Mathletic certificates to several children and Mrs Paun presented Evie, Taysia, Noelia, Roxana, Brodie, Thea, Athalia, Nandana, Archie, Hannah, Francis, Andrei, Maisie, Elena and Johnny with copies of the Crazy Creature books their work has been published in! To top everything off we welcomed 4 new children to VIP status-well done Edrian, James, Tyler and Leah! We are so proud of you.

Before signing off I would like to remind you that spring clubs are being released and that places for school run clubs must be booked via Parent Mail. Mrs Knox is available to support you if you are experiencing any difficulty with this. Wishing you all a lovely weekend.