Virtual School Tour

Virtual School Teacher Presentations:

Welcome to our virtual school tour. We would of course love to give you a personal guided tour of our school; however, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer this to you so we have created a series of videos giving you as clear an insight into our amazing school as we can. 

Zoom Sessions:

We will also be offering a selection of zoom session days in November 2020, which are listed below (DOWNLOAD MORE INFORMATION HERE).
These sessions are by appointment only and will need to be booked via our office.

  • 2pm 3rd Nov
  • 10am 5th Nov
  • 2pm 9th Nov
  • 10am 12th Nov
  • 7pm 16th Nov
  • 2pm 24th Nov
  • 10am 26th Nov

Choose a tour:

Please click on the play buttons below for more. You can make the videos full screen via the full screen icon located in the bottom right hand corner of each video.

A day in reception:

Forest School: