A brave team of intrepid adventurers set sail on the Thames this week! Mr Bennett, Miss Smith, Mrs Swain and Mrs Rose have spent the last 2 days with children from year 4 and 5 at the Ahoy Sailing Centre in Deptford. Despite the rain and cold temperatures the children had a fabulous time and will be the proud recipients of their RHA level 1 qualification once they complete the correct number of hours out on the water! Well done everyone!

As a school I hope you will agree that we try hard to provide a warm and caring environment for your children to learn in. I am always grateful for the supportive parental community that you provide for us. We have had a number of new families join Worsley Bridge and you and your children have made them feel very welcome. The children have settled very quickly,it’s like they have always been here! I would like to thank Mrs Luther for helping us to find a BSL interpreter to assist with a recent tour! The visit was such a success that we will welcome 2 more families to Worsley Bridge after Easter!

Mrs Knox and Miss Crow have been busy over the past couple of weeks collating the list of clubs on offer next term. Please look out for the parent mail so you can book your place on your chosen club. As always we have tried our best to provide a variety of choice and you will see some interesting new additions. We are very aware that some families would like to see even more choice but we are restricted by the availability of a space to place more clubs. Price is also a restricting factor as many providers like to set high weekly charges and the take up is often too low for the club to run. If you know of anyone who would like to run a club please ask them to contact Miss Crow!