It has been lovely to see all the children and staff back at school. The children have settled straight back to their work and they have been continuing to produce great work. On Wednesday we were joined by Simba-featured in the photograph.

Simba is a 9 week old Labrador puppy belonging to Coach Aaron who regularly works at Worsley Bridge. It is hoped that Simba will become a therapy dog who works alongside children in schools. Simba spent a couple of afternoons in school with me in my office and there were many delighted faces when the children and adults saw him wandering around. Coach Aaron is very keen for him to begin socialising with children and we would love to have him in school more regularly. We are hoping that Worsley Bridge families are going to be willing to welcome Simba into school life as we think the benefits could be wonderful. We are, however, mindful of the fact that some children may have allergies or fears around dogs, which of course would be very carefully risk assessed. We would welcome your thoughts on this matter so that we can decide on whether we make Simba part of school life.

On Wednesday the fire alarm was accidentally set off and we had an unplanned evacuation of the school. I am extremely pleased with the way the children and staff responded and it shows us just how effective our systems are. The children in reception were exceptionally well behaved and calm and we are very proud of them as this was their first ever drill. Over the course of the next week we shall continue to sell poppies and poppy merchandise to raise money the British Legion. Our VIPs will be visiting classrooms daily and we will take the boxes out at the end of day.

As you will be aware a general election has been called on Thursday 12th December. Unfortunately we have been told that we will be a polling station for the day. Staff will be in school and we shall take the day for training purposes, however children will not be permitted on site. I am aware that this is very inconvenient and I have tried very hard in the past to ask the local authority to think of an alternative venue but I have not succeeded.

With the number of adults visiting the school and the requirements needed for those running the station it is just not safe for us to have children on site. I can only apologise for the problems this will cause.

Wishing you all a good week.