On Wednesday morning we had a new pupil join the school as my cat Stella decided to follow Skye and Annabel into grounds. You can see she made a prompt start to her learning. Stella thoroughly enjoyed visiting the classes and will be recommending the school to all of her cat aquaintences!

One of the things we love about being in school is the opportunity to add new things into our curriculum. In this photo you can see Daniel helping Mr Clark with some maintenance work outside. Thanks Daniel and thank you Mr Clark for sharing your skills.

A number of families have been asking us about the arrangements for next year. We are REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone and shall be working hard to find ways to ensure we can all return to school in September. More details will follow but in the meantime, you can look forward to receiving your child’s report in the week beginning 13th July. With the report will be details of who your child’s class teacher will be in September.

There will be a getting to know you zoom session with the new class teacher before the end of term and the time/ log in details will be emailed out. Because the children have not had the chance to say goodbye and thanks to this year’s teacher we will also ensure there is an opportunity for your child to spend time with them in the new term.

It would be wonderful to have everyone in school before the end of term but as all available staff are in class bubbles this will prove to be too difficult to arrange, as it would mean other adults would be introduced into the existing bubbles. So far, we have kept everyone fit and well and we are keen to make it to the summer holidays unscathed.

Please be assured that the return to school will be carefully planned. We know it will be hard for many children to transition back into school and we will adjust our curriculum to support them. Despite the challenges of COVID schooling, there have been many positives. School life will be different but we are looking forward to embracing a new way of working!

Next week look out for emails detailing zoom sessions. I will be hosting a family quiz each day so get your pens and pads at the ready! I will begin with Year 2 on Monday at 11am and Mrs Knox will email the details.

The final home learning packs are now ready for collection so we look forward to seeing you next week.