Despite the miserable start to the week weather wise 3B brightened our day by presenting their class assembly on Odysseus. The children delivered their lines as well as any professional and showed us how resilient Odysseus was in the face of many challenges. Well done 3B-we are very proud of you!

Today Mrs Drake led our whole school assembly on the Worsley Way number 3:

At WB we show gratitude by appreciating our school and the community around us

The children were very good at identifying things they are grateful for such as their family, homes, toys and even their teachers! I was very impressed by the way the children could articulate why these things were important to them. Mrs Drake then asked the children to think about how we can show our gratitude around school. Harley-Rai in reception said that it was important to look after the toys in reception and make sure they are put away when they are not being played with. While Joshua in year 3 said it was important to be kind and friendly.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking out for those children who go the extra mile to show how much they appreciate their school. We would also be keen to hear how they are doing at home too so please let us know of any acts of kindness or gratitude.

A number of children have been working hard to show their teacher’s how much they are enjoying their topic work by producing great homework. Today Yoana in Y6 shared an amazing picture of the Tower of London and Ethen (pictured below) worked exceptionally hard with his mum to create a Tudor house. I had to stop myself from eating all of Taysia’s homemade sushi (above) that she made as part of her work on Japan. Persephone was excited to share news of the ‘Blue Peter’ badge she received after sending in a pointillism picture and is now looking forward to visiting some attractions using her badge! Eddie is also appreciating his Japanese project and shared the start of his information leaflet-I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it! Before I wish you all a good weekend I would like to congratulate Junior, Sophie, Flo and Kristian for making it to VIP status! We are very grateful to have pupils like you to make our school the great place it is!                                                                                                                       Mrs Williams