To celebrate Black History Month, each key stage will be carrying out series of lessons and learning opportunities to celebrate inspirational Black people who have helped to shape the modern world we live in. It will also be a time to reflect and celebrate on the diversity of Worsley Bridge and all that makes us a unique school.

Key Stage 1 will be using their fabulous painting skills to work together to create a mural to celebrate the work of William T. Williams.  The mural will be on display by half term for you to admire!

Reception will be using a range of stories to acknowledge and celebrate African-Caribbean history, achievement and experiences. These stories will help the children to make connections and discuss the similarities and differences between different lives, cultures and experiences. We will be sharing books such as; Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne, So much by Trish Cooke, Astro-Girl by Ken Wilson-Max, Grandma’s Saturday Soup by Sally Fraser, Hair Love by Matthew Cherry and Coming to England by Floella Benjamin.

Key Stage 2 will be focusing on the achievements of famous Black inventors and how they contributed to making the modern world as we know it.  Presentations from each year group in Key Stage 2 will be going up onto Google Classroom for you to enjoy.