As you are aware NEST (the academy trust we are part of) have released a consultation about moving over to a 2 week break in the Autumn and I thought it would be helpful to explain some of the reasons this could support us here at WB:

  • The Autumn term is very long-typically 16 weeks and sickness can be very high in November. Having an extended break will offer children and staff time to recuperate and prepare for the busy lead up to Christmas.
  • Many families are using the last few days of term as an opportunity to leave early to go on holiday or return home to visit families. We hope that families would take advantage of the 2 week break and this would result in less disruption to learning and improve our attendance figures.
  • All local secondary schools now have a 2 week break. A number of families have siblings at these schools and we believe that this would help ease child care arrangements.