A warm welcome back to all our families! I hope you enjoyed your half term break as much asI did. The weather was very kind to us and it was certainly great to be out and about in thesunshine! The children have returned to school with positive attitudes and are working hardand are ready to impress you at parents evening next week.

A parent mail has been sent and bookings open this evening so please make sure you book your slot.Some parent have asked us to consider offering later appointments but I’m afraid this isn’t somethingwe are able to do at this time. The majority of teachers at Worsley Bridge come into school between7 and 7.30am and on a typical parent evening are not leaving until8pm-which makes for a very long day!

The parent’s evenings areadvertised well in advance to allow working parents to adjust theirschedule or book time off. We would however be interested to hearfrom you if you have any ideas that are put into place at other schools.Th roug hou tth e weekThroughout the week lots of children pop into my office to see me,sometimes to celebrate the work they have completed in class andon other occasions just to say hello or sit at my table to colour duringa lunch break.

My regular visitors will tell you how much I enjoy theRubik Cube and this week Jaden has been determined to solve it.With a little guidance and lots of determination Jaden successfullycompleted the rubik cube!

Well done Jaden.Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.

Mrs Williams