Can you believe we only have 2 weeks until half term? This week has flown by and I havebeen visited by lots of children who have shared the most amazing work. I havebeen treated to fact sheets about volcanoes and wonderful stories aboutmischievous cats! In our celebration assembly we heard from all the classteachers and Miss Letsu in detail about many other successes and achievements.Well done to all the children listed below! Congratulations must also go to ournewest VIPS: Ates, Chloe, Veronika and Alara. We are so very proud of you andthe example you set to others!

Next week is Mental Health Week for Childrenand we launched this in today’s assembly by discussing how we keep ourselveshealthy. The children were very quick to identify the importance of eatingwell, drinking lots of water, remaining active and how a good night’s sleepcontributes to our physical well-being. What impressed me even more was howthey were able to describe how we can keep our mind healthy too. The childrenhad great strategies for managing their different emotions for examplesqueezing a toy or stomping to relieve feelings of anger or drawing and readingwhen we feel a bit sad. Over the course of the week teachers and TAs will behelping the children to develop a range of self-regulation strategies to keep ahealthy mind!

There are lots of resources and guidance to support parents andyou may want to take a look at the following website:

As the cold weather continues please can you make sure your child has their water bottle in school as we have to turn off the external fountains to prevent the pipes freezing?

Before I sign off I would like to thank the Oral Health team for returning to school. Their advice and guidance at the coffee morning was really well received it was just such a shame that only 2 parents could join us!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Mrs Williams