Our week started with Odd Sock day to celebrate the launch of ‘Anti Bullying Week’. By wearing our odd socks we were proud to acknowledge that we are all different and that our differences should be something to be proud of!

The topic of bullying is one that we visit a lot as a school and during our Ofsted inspection the children showed they had a very good understanding of the word and the steps we take to keep our pupils happy and safe in school.

Like any other school there are times when situations arise that can leave children feeling unhappy, frightened, anxious or angry. Sometimes this can be as a result of a falling out with a friend or an unkind comment from a peer. However, there are times when the actions of another person repeatedly harm another pupil either physically or emotionally. This is bullying. Our children are very clear on the differences between the two types of behaviour but importantly they know how we can support them when they begin to feel unhappy or unsafe.

Speaking up is often the most difficult part but the sooner we know about a problem the quicker we can take action. Whoever your child feels happiest to talk to will make the time to listen carefully to the problem and they will talk and then agree to how they will help resolve the issues. Out on the playground we have ‘listening ears’ who the children can approach at any stage of the lunch break. Mrs Lisi is our non-class based learning mentor who will work with children to help rebuild confidence and self-esteem. She will often work with children who have caused the concerns to help them to understand the consequences of their actions.

The children at Worsley Bridge are getting better and better at looking out for each other. Please always encourage your children to speak up or to speak up for a friend in need. If we know then we can help!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.