The new year often brings with it new year’s resolutions and if you’re like me I am trying very hard to eat more healthily!

We have noticed lately that some of the children’s pack lunches are containing items that should be saved for an occasional treat at home. Many lunch boxes are full of crisps, chocolates and pastries and while all of these are very nice they are not good for our health if we eat them every day. There are a number of great websites out their giving ideas for healthier lunch boxes and we are asking families to ensure that sweets, chocolate bars and items containing nuts are not included in packed lunches.

Don’t forget meals for children in Reception through to Year 2 are completely free. Our new cook Jo has made some very positive changes to lunch time and we are hearing some great comments from the children. Meals are charged at £2.25 for year 3 and above (and free for those receiving income support).

Children can also have a mixture of packed lunch and school meals so have a look at the menu on the website or check out some of the pages below for some new ideas for a healthy new year!

Wishing you all a great week ahead.

Mrs Williams