This week the children in year 6 participated in their school journey to Hindleap Warren.Hindleap is an outdoor residential centre located in the heart of the AshdownForest in East Sussex. It is the perfect setting for getting away from busytown life as it is surrounded by stunning woodland.

After just about managing their excitement throughout the day on Monday the children arrived packed and ready for their forest adventures on Tuesday morning. There were one or two tearful goodbyes but the children’s high spirits soon returned once they arrived at the centre.

After welcome and safety briefings the children made their way to their dormitories and the fun began-well for the teachers and teaching assistants it did. The first task the children had to overcome was making their beds! There was lots of laughter as the children tried to master the art of placing a cover on the duvet and keeping the corners in just the right place.

Once the rooms were sorted the children changed for Forest Adventures which is a highlight for nearly all the children as they get to trample through VERY large muddy puddles and play games in amongst the trees. Nearly every member of year 6 said it had been their favourite activity when I visited last night.

It was a pleasure to spend my evening with the children last night and I loved the stories they told about overcoming their fears on the high ropes or how they worked with their team to build a den or start a fire. But what was truly lovely was hearing how they had become better friends with children they hadn’t known before! I will keep this letter short today but add more about Hindleap once all the photos have been downloaded!

Wishing you a great weekend

Mrs Williams