What was your favourite childhood memory? This was a question put to us on ‘Polling Day’ by Neil from ‘Out Door Play and Learning’ (OPAL). As a staff we happily reminisced about being out on our bikes for hours at a time or playing at a park, quite often without adult supervision.

Many of us recalled days at the beach or time swinging on hand made rope swings and some memories featured a favourite birthday party. What became clear as we chatted animatedly was the freedom our childhood gave us: the freedom to take risks, the freedom to be out and about unsupervised and the freedom to use our imagination.

None of it featured gadgets, texting or social media. As part of our training day Neil shared some shocking statistics that revealed children spend on average 4 hours a day at a screen (more at weekends) and only 1 hour day outside playing (less at weekends). At Worsley Bridge we value play and the opportunities it provides our children with. Did you know there are 17 different types of play? We are currently working with the OPAL play team over the next 18 months to ensure that our break and lunchtimes provide children with the chance to access every type of play.

In order to fully appreciate the changes we will be making I would recommend taking a look at the OPAL website and watching one of their films. https://outdoorplayandlearning.org.uk/ As a staff we cannot wait to get started but we are taking time to plan and organise things carefully. There will be opportunities next term for you to come in and learn more but in the meantime you will see the ‘loose parts store’ being built on the playground.

Once this is up we can start collecting the resources we need for exciting and vibrant play. We will be needing your help (and be providing you with a good chance to pass on some of your clutter) so please keep an eye out in the next few weeks newsletters!

Wishing you a good weekend
Mrs Williams