On Friday we celebrated our latest challenge champions. Well done to Scarlet, Chloe, Maansi, Sylvanna, Hunee, Elena, Hasanatou, Veer, Badru, Brodie, Wilf and Noelia, who have taken on the challenge of writing a scary MONSTER POEM. Their poems will be published soon and celebrated in assembly and on our Challenge Champion display.

A new writing challenge (Poetry Wonderland) has been announced and any child in KS2 who has a crazy idea is cordially invited to write a poem about it and give it back to Mrs Paun. Remember the deadline: Friday, 12th October 2018 and keep checking the Challenge Champion display for your next challenge.

Do you like poems? Then, this is the challenge for you! In Poetry Wonderland anything is possible! Where will your imagination take you…?

Task: Write down a few crazy ideas. How many words can you think of to do with your idea? Imagine if your wacky idea came to life. Where would you be? Can you describe what you can see, hear, smell etc? Write a poem that showcases your imagination as well as technical writing ability. When you are happy with the way the poem looks and sounds like, write it up neatly or simply type it up and bring it back to Mrs Paun (5B) by Friday, 12th October 2018.

Have a look at this website for suggestions on how/what to write (poems can be written or typed on any theme and in any poetic style). Don’t forget to watch the video and check the tips they give you.


Good luck and remember: your poem could be published!