Dear Parents and Carers,

At our last parent’s evening over 200 families responded to our questionnaire to tell us how they thought we are doing! These surveys are very valuable to us because they help us to identify our strengths but more importantly any areas that are of concern to you. I am delighted to publish the results below and would like to thank you for your continued support!

1. 99.6% agree/strongly agree their child feels safe at this school
2. 98% agree/strongly agree their child is making good progress at this school
3. 99% agree/strongly agree this school meets my child’s particular needs
4. 99% agree/strongly agree this school ensures my child is well looked after
5. 100% agree/strongly agreed their child is taught well at this school
6. 99.6% agree/strongly agreed this school helps my child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics
7. 98% agree/strongly agree there is a good standard of behaviour in this school
8. 93% agree/strongly agree their child’s lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour
9. 95% agree/strongly agree this school deals with any cases of bullying effectively
10. 99% agree/strongly agree this school helps them to support their child’s learning
11. 96% agree/strongly agree this school responds well to their concerns
12. 98% agree/strongly agree this school keeps them well informed.
13. 99% agree/strongly agree they would recommend this school to another parent

As you can see some parents feel learning can be disrupted by poor behaviour so we have reviewed our Positive Behaviour Policy. Over the next half term any child receiving a yellow card will be required to join myself or Mrs Palmer at yellow card club (Monday break time) to reflect on the impact of their behaviour choices. Should we see that this is having a positive impact in the classroom we will amend our policy accordingly.

As the bank holiday approaches many of us will be tackling DIY projects or having a sort out! If you discover any old wellies please pass them onto Mrs Swain who will put them to good use at gardening club! Wishing you a good weekend! Mrs Williams