We have always been proud of the children at Worsley Bridge and their conduct towards each other, around school and out and about in our community. However, we are always looking for ways that we can help our children to continue to improve and this term we have decided to review our positive behaviour management policy. We want to ensure that we provide our children with the very best support and guidance when it comes to managing their own behaviour and emotions. Our starting point is a relaunch of the Worsley Way, which we have simplified to make it easier for the children and adults to remember and refer to:

At Worsley Bridge:

  • We show respect with our words and actions
  • We are ready to learn and we try our hardest
  • We keep ourselves and others safe

Over the new few weeks we are focusing on the word respect and looking at how we show respect with our words and actions. This morning’s assembly with Mrs Drake highlighted that respect comes in many forms from walking down a corridor quietly so we don’t disturb others while they are learning, to offering encouragement if someone is finding something harder than you or even for something small such as holding a door open to let someone through. We are on the lookout for children going ‘above and beyond’ to show their respect and if their name makes it onto my recognition board then a special ‘celebration’ will be awarded! We are also keen to hear from you if you feel your child is going ‘above and beyond’ outside of school then let us know.

On the last day of the Autumn term we all wore our Christmas jumpers into school to help raise money for Save the Children. Mrs Wood has just sent off a cheque for £248.75. Thank you Worsley Bridge!

Wishing you all a positive week ahead. 

Mrs Williams