At Worsley Bridge we are very proud of the fact we take our children ona wide variety of school visits. They add great value to our curriculumand the children thoroughly enjoy the experience.

As parents we value your support and we would not be able to go without you.A parent helper is vital on all our visits as you help us to keep the childrensafe when we are out and about. Because you are attending the visit tosafe guard the children we find it better to arrange for you to have agroup that doesn’t include your own child. It is only natural for your child to want your attention whichcan then distract you from the other members of the group.

While out on a visit it is important to capture the day and the class teacher will do this on a schoolIPad. Parents are not permitted to take photos because they will usually contain a number ofchildren and we only have parental permission to use them for school purposes. We ask parents tokeep phones in bags and refrain from using them throughout the trip.

This sets a good example toall the children and helps everyone to focus on the learning goals we want to achieve on the visit.During any visit we expect exemplary behaviour. If we feel a child has not managed very well on atrip there is a chance they may not be able to attend the next one. Pupil safety is paramount andwe cannot risk any accidents.

Any child at risk of not attending a trip will of course be discussedvery carefully with their parents/carers prior to any visit.