As the term draws to a close I would like to tell you about some of our staffing changes. On Thursday evening we held a celebration event for Mrs Dobson, who after 28 years of dedicated service to education, has decided to retire from life at school! We would like to thank Mrs Dobson for her commitment to Worsley Bridge and wish her well in her new adventures!

We will also be saying a very fond farewell to Mr Smith who will be departing for a new teaching role in Singapore. We wish him all the best and hope that he will return to us in a year or two so he can see how well PE has progressed in his absence! Miss Crow will also be off to sunnier shores as she returns home to Australia after being in the UK for 2 years.

Our thanks go to Miss Crow and we hope that she will remain in contact so we can discover all about school life in Australia. Lastly we wish Miss Heath the best of luck as she begins her teacher training. We hope that she is equally successful in her new role!