As technology continues to dominate the world that we live in it is really important that we work hard to keep our children safe when they are online. At school we regularly visit the topic of internet safety and have very strict controls in place to help keep the children on safe sites at school. We are aware that this can be difficult to manage at home when new apps are coming out every day.

As a parent it can be very hard to decide what to let your child access, particularly when ‘peer pressure’ is involved. Most apps have a guide age but it can still be very easy for a child to access them. The link below provides some really useful information on the pros and cons around different apps, computer programmes, movies, their age restrictions and the reasons behind them as well as common sense views and opinions from parents.

Most importantly it provides advice on how to ensure the privacy settings are adjusted to keep your child safe should you decide to let them use one. A sample guide can be found by following this link