We have made it to the end of the week and I would once again like to thank staff, children and families for their continued support and vigilance at this very challenging time. I am increasingly proud of the way we are managing the situation and adapting to the ever changing rules and guidance.

It is inevitable that some children and family members will fall ill over the coming weeks as we encounter the usual return to school bugs as well as COVID 19. We will of course keep you informed if a member of our community tests positive and take advice from the London Coronavirus Response Cell.

It appears that there are news items suggesting that schools have the power to enforce testing by taking children to have a Covid test. This is not true, so please be assured that we will always work with you on what steps to take should your child fall ill.

As you have no doubt seen on the news, testing kits and drive through appointments are difficult to secure at the moment. Drive through slots are released every evening at 8pm and testing kits at 8am. If you are trying to secure a test please keep trying throughout the day.

Lockdown was a difficult time for us all and there may be a time in the future where we have to shut a class or ‘bubble’ for a period of isolation. To help prepare for this we need to think about how we manage home learning in the future. Last term teachers began training on using Google Classroom and we will start to show the children how to use it as part of their computing lessons. Once the children are familiar with the setup, we will begin to release homework into the system. We hope that this will help the children (and you) to access learning should we go into lockdown or a period of isolation. Google Suite works on a number of platforms but it will be important for us to know who cannot access the internet so we can think about how to support you. Please inform your child’s teacher if you think you will experience difficulties.

We have always prided ourselves on offering a broad and exciting curriculum at Worsley Bridge and we are going to try very hard to ensure this continues. Forest School is already up and running and we have welcomed back Ms Rabin from BYMT to teach percussion in KS1 (naturally we have safety measures in place). For the time being trips and sports coaches will not feature in our curriculum but we will review this in the future. Curriculum maps will be published on Monday so you can see what we have in store for your child in the term ahead.

Before I sign off please can parents be reminded to park respectfully and NOT use the carparks in the flats near to school? We have been contacted on a number of occasions this week and would appreciate not having to manage this on top of COVID. Please be warned that the flats are seeking legal advice and will prosecute offenders.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend-let’s hope the forecast holds up!

Mrs Williams