This week began with a wonderful assembly about Charles Darwin by 3W. The childrenrecreated significant moments from his life and clearly explained why his workhas been so important. Like all good assemblies it made us laugh, it was full of interesting facts and there was even a wonderful rap! 3W well done-it was a great start to our week and your costumes were amazing!

On Thursday I met with Councillors Wells andTickner to discuss an article that featured in the ‘In Touch’ magazine. Bromleycouncil are considering whether there should be a roundabout at the junction ofFoxgrove Road and Park Road with the view to closing Park Road. While I can seehow a roundabout will help to ease the flow of traffic from Foxgrove Road I wouldbe very concerned that there would be an increase in traffic on Brackley Roadshould Park Road be closed-particularly as there is no safe crossing point nearthe school.

Both the councillors listened carefully and made some good suggestions about measures that could be put in place to manage traffic such as loweringthe speed limit, installing speed cameras or increasing the number of speedawareness signs. During my discussions I highlighted the ongoing difficultieswe have with parking on the zig-zags and the lack of consequences for suchactions.

Councillor Tickner was very keen to support with this issue and hasasked for photographic evidence. If you have any pictures of cars parked on thezig-zags or in front of the gates then please can you email them to me at theadmin address or directly to Councillor Tickner at

At this stage there is no formal consultationbut when it is released I will be sure to respond and would urge you to do the same. It could be a good opportunity to improve road safety and lobby for amuch needed crossing point on Brackley Road. I would also like to thank those of you who have signed the local petition to drop the speed limit to 20mph onschool roads. There is still chance to add your name by following the link below.

Wishing you all a good weekend.

Try to staydry!

Mrs Williams