What a wonderful week it has been at school this week! Monday beganwith a trip to the British Film Institute where children in year 5 participated in a film festival. Over the course of this term the childrenhave been working with Jack from HeyDay to produce two films. Thechildren selected the film ‘William the Conkerer’ to show the otherschools. Miss Letsu, Mrs Lisi and Mrs Rose accompanied the childrenand they said our film was wonderful and definitely the best one they watched!

On Tuesday the panto came to school and a great time was had by all!Thank you very much to the PTFA for this gift! It certainly helped to get us in the mood for Christmas.On Wednesday Reception children amazed us with their fantastic performance of ‘ Busy Busy Bethlehem’. The children were so confident on stage, they remembered their lines and deliveredthem very clearly. The acting was incredible as was the singing! You have set the standard very high Receptionweare very proud of you.

Yesterday the choir visited the Sloane Residential hometo entertain the residents. Their audience were suitablyimpressed and thoroughly enjoyed their visit. A huge welldone must go to the choir because their performance atthe Glades last week help to raise over £1000 for Mencap.Truly wonderful everyone!

After all this excitement we finished the week with a truly wonderful show from year 1 and 2. Their performance of ‘The Innspectors’ marvelled our audience, made us laugh and certainly put us all ina great mood for the weekend.

Productions such as these take a lot of organising and I would like to thank the teachers and teachingassistants for putting together such wonderful shows. They provide memories that will last a life time!Don’t forget that we have asked that younger siblings remain at home. The hall is very busy,space is limited and young children find sitting still very difficult as the shows last around an hour. Itcan be very upsetting and distracting for our performers on stage if someone is crying. We know it isa big ask but it makes a big difference and enables everyone to relax and enjoy the show.Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

Mrs Williams