The school council and I met to discuss an issue that children had raised about the dining hall. Because of the size of the space and number of children dining it can be a little bit loud at times and we wanted to see if we could find a way to make the hall a nicer space to eat in.

School council representatives met with their classes and we discussed all the ideas they put forward to improve the area. I have to say I was very impressed with their suggestions and we were able to decide a way forward very quickly.

The first thing we established were 5 Golden Rules:

  1. We use quiet voices and talk to the people on our table
  2. If we need help we raise our hand and ask an adult
  3. We remember our manners: please/thank you/eye contact
  4. We keep our dining area tidy by putting our rubbish in the bin. We pick up things we drop and stack our lunchboxes tidily
  5. We walk in around the hall carefully and quietly

During a lunch time the lunchtime supervisors are going to look out for children who are trying hard to follow the Golden Rules and they will receive a ‘Golden Ticket’. All Golden tickets are then entered into a draw on Fridays for a place at the Golden Table. Diners drawn from the box may invite a guest to sit with them at the Golden Table on the stage. Their place will be set on a specially laid table, they get to go first to collect their meal and they will be served juice with a little surprise or two! You can see our first Golden Diners enjoying their meal in the picture above!

Before I sign off can I ask that children keep their trading cards at home as they have a terrible habit of going missing and we are left with upset children? In addition Ethan’s (Y4) black micro scooter has gone missing from the shed. We think someone has taken his by mistake as there are some still left in the shelter. Please can scooter riders check they have the right one?

Wishing you all a great weekend!
Mrs Williams