Welcome back! I trust you all enjoyed a relaxing half term, it is clear the children did as they have returned ready to work hard! At our celebration assembly we heard all about the great work our children have been undertaking including improvements in times table knowledge, stamina in writing and better attitudes to learning. It makes us all feel very proud, well done Worsley Bridge. During this assembly we welcomed Elena, Noelia, Raphael, Violet, Francis and Neve to VIP status! Congratulations to you all.

On Tuesday Mrs Wood totalled up the money raised on our non-uniform day for the NSPCC. We have just posted a cheque for £350 which is fantastic. The assemblies and workshops were very informative and the children left with a clear understanding of the care and support the NSPCC gives to many children. We were also very impressed with the children’s knowledge of who they can turn to in school for help when they need it. This support extends out to all our families,we all know that there can be times when children’s behaviour can be challenging so please don’t be afraid to ask for our help. Mrs Smith is on the gate or available for a chat should you need it.

Just before we broke up year 5 and 6 participated in ‘Restart the heart’. We were joined by paramedics, firefighters and nurses who taught us how to move a patient into the recovery position and to carry out CPR in the event of an emergency. Every child listened really carefully and were given the opportunity to practise resuscitating a ‘dummy’. It was a fantastic day and they learnt a very valuable life skill, but let’s hope we never have the need to use it. Our thanks go to Ms Slayford for arranging such an amazing event.

For the past month, children across the school have been learning about influential black people as a part of Black History Month.  This culminated in a wonderful assembly today where each year group presented their learning to the rest of the school.  Reception shared with us their dreams for the future.  Year 1 showed us the brave stand that Rosa Parks took when she decided to sit on the bus.  Year 2 showed us the many Black heroes that are role models to everyone and the determination that Usain Bolt demonstrated to become a champion.  Year 3 wrote some beautiful and moving poems about their dreams for the future taking inspiration from Dr Martin Luther King. Year 4 took us on a long walk to freedom, highlighting the many achievements of Nelson Mandela.  Year 5 taught us about the kindness and selflessness of Mary Seacole and finally, Year 6 blew us all away when they presented the movie they had made about the 1936 Olympics Games and how Jessie Owens made a stand against Hitler.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend and any firework displays you may attend,but please stay safe!