What a wonderful week we have had back at school! The children have returned to us focussed and determined to do their best. There has been such a positive atmosphere all around the building that I know that it will be a great term ahead!

In assembly we have re-visited the Worsley Way:

At Worsley Bridge Primary School we:

  • Believe in ourselves and are aspirational;
  • Are honest and use kind words to show we care for and respect each other;
  • Show gratitude by appreciating our school and the community around us;
  • Are resilient because we try our hardest, even if we are faced with a challenge;
  • Are curious and enthusiastic learners who can work collaboratively and independently

Over the coming term we will be thinking carefully about how each of our values can look in classrooms and around the school. Mr Bennett focussed on how to be more aspirational in this morning’s assembly. Already 1W have aspired to have every member of their class on at least silver by the end of the day-Ishall be checking with Mr Abrahams to see if they made it.

Children demonstrating ‘aspiration’ will beplaced on our recognition board and the school council will be deciding how wecelebrate this achievement at their next meeting.

Today the year 3, 4 and 5 council members accompanied Ms Smith and I tothe Bromley Foodbank. We met the manager Clare who explained to us how thefoodbank gathered its donations and how the food supports families right acrossthe borough of Bromley. Clare then put the children to work weighing andsorting food donations so they are ready to be delivered to the many dispatchcentres across Bromley. I was so impressed with the way the children listened and identified how a family might enter a crisis and need support. The children worked tirelessly and should be very proud of how they have supported such aworthy charity.

In April alone over 300 families have benefitted from thisorganisation.  Donations to the centre located at the CivicCentre in Bromley can be made at anytime!