Dear Parents/Carers,

What a wonderful start to the new academic year we have had at Worsley Bridge Primary School. The children have returned to school with incredible enthusiasm and are certainly ready for the new year ahead.   

​As we have been walking around, myself and Mrs Drake have noticed how well the children have settled into the new routines; showing that they truly are very resilient.  They have also come into school eager to show us their incredible work, handwriting and tell us all about their holidays. The classes have been enjoying learning about their class names and have been busy creating art pieces, door displays and writing linked to their name.

This year we have moved away from calling the classes W or B and the school council along with their classes decided to name each class. The names are themed around mythical creatures. Below is a list of the class names and year groups.

Teacher Year Class name
Miss Martin R Elves
Mrs Bartlett R Pixies
Mrs Matthews 1 Genies
Miss Gagan 1 Gnomes
Miss Johnstone 1 Trolls
Miss Corbett 2 Unicorns
Miss Hicks 2 Mer People
Miss Mattu 3 Phoenix
Mrs Swain 3 Pegasus
Ms Letsu 4 Griffins
Mrs Paun 4 Giants
Mr Bennett 5 Sphinx
Mr Gwilliam 5 Centaurs
Mrs Mendez 6 Dragons
Mrs Pilkington 6 Hippogriffs

We are pleased to share with you that this year we will be working with the Munchkins Sports Coaches. Each year group will have one PE session led by the coaches each week. These sessions begin on Monday. Please the timetable below to see when your child has PE.

Year Group Day
1 Tuesday
2 Monday
3 Friday
4 Tuesday
5 Friday
6 Monday

Remember if your child is in year 1-4 they can come into school wearing their PE kit. If your child is in year 5 and 6 they will need to come into school in their uniform and change at school.

If you can remember in the days before Covid, we used to invite parents in to meet with the new teacher at the start of the year. This would be a short session where the class teacher would share with all the parents in a group the expectations for the school year and was also an opportunity for parents to ask any questions. Finally we are at a point where this can happen once again. These sessions will take place either after drop off in the morning or before pick up in the afternoon the week beginning 13th September. More information will follow next week.

In other Worsley Bridge news, we would like to congratulate Mr Gwilliam who got married over the summer holidays. They had a lovely wedding on the Isle of Wight shared with family and friends. We wish him and Mrs Gwilliam many happy years together!