Year Four Classes

Welcome to our classroom

Teachers: Fiona Swain, Emma O’Donnell
TAs: Kim Hardinges, Perry Foley


We are very happy that you dropped in to see us. This page currently contains pictures of our classes hard at work in our classrooms; however, these pages will be regularly updated with information relating to our classroom activities so please keep checking back for new information.

See you all again soon.

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STEM Week – Year 4

The children put their engineering hats on to really embrace our Earthquakes and Volcanoes topic, designing structures that could withstand an earthquake. Using their understanding of triangles being the strongest shape, the children built a three story structure which was then tested to hold weight and withstand various degrees of earthquakes (aided by jelly!)

We also designed, built and tested rockets. The children spent hours ensuring their rocket would take off and fly through the air successfully, thinking about air resistance and gliding.


International Week – Sept 2017

As part of International Week this month, Year four pupils have been studying Japanese Calligraphy. Here are some pictures of the class in action. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger view.


Please click on a thumbnail below for a larger view: