Values, Vision, Ethos

Every child and adult at Worsley Bridge Primary School is valued and respected as an individual. We will treat everyone in our school community with respect and courtesy and we expect everyone to behave in the same way to children and adults alike. All children are encouraged to recognise that they must accept responsibility for their actions. We will help each child to make appropriate choices and realise that their actions have consequences.

Children are encouraged from an early age to behave in an acceptable manner and as they mature are expected to take increasing responsibility for their own actions. We aim for all our pupils to leave Worsley Bridge Primary School demonstrating both self-discipline and a well-established sense of responsibility to others.

Children are more likely to develop self-discipline when there are clear guidelines as to what constitutes acceptable behaviour, when they receive praise for behaving appropriately and when they can be confident that the adults around them will deal with unacceptable behaviour in a fair and consistent manner.

To ensure a safe and happy environment where pupils can learn and play together it is essential that a set of clear and simple rules should be observed by all our children. The Worsley Way is designed in such a way as to be understood by even our youngest pupils.

At Worsley Bridge we endeavour to:

  • Be a caring community, which fosters respect, honesty, truth, kindness, cooperation and tolerance to enable children to develop positive character traits in everything they do;
  • Provide a school environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place, enabling each child to achieve their potential;
  • Develop children’s self-esteem in order that they can have pride in themselves, their school and community;
  • Provide an atmosphere in which children are encouraged to be inquisitive, where mistakes are seen as opportunities for learning and where they feel safe;
  • Develop children who are confident individuals who respect each other’s differences and take responsibility for their actions;
  • Promote good behaviour by noticing and rewarding positive behaviour, rather than merely deterring unkind or anti-social behaviour.