Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

At Worsley Bridge, we believe in a creative and active curriculum, which enables our children to be inquisitive learners and equips them with the skills required to enable them to be successful in the future and able to manage their own wellbeing.

Our curriculum follows the core themes of the National Curriculum while enabling children’s thoughts and opinions to be heard and listened to when planning and adapting the curriculum. It has been designed with clear purpose and intent to prepare students for life in modern Britain by teaching them to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who are tolerant of all and who contribute positively to their community and society as a whole.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual, and we celebrate and welcome differences. Teaching is engaging and accessible to all. By building on children’s existing interests, knowledge and skills, our curriculum enables pupils to know more and to be able to do more, year on year. Learning is underpinned by the teaching of knowledge, key vocabulary, concepts and by transferable skills and values.

Worsley Bridge is committed to the highest quality teaching in the Foundation Subjects and promotes the use of specialist teachers to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum.