School Meals

At Worsley Bridge we use a catering company called Harrison Catering to provide our children with their lunches as they are passionate about providing nutritional food that the children enjoy even the definition of our name reflects this ethos. Harrison Catering provide quality, healthy food necessary for growth, health and good condition.

New Menu 24Week 1: Menu with AllergensWeek 2: Menu with AllergensWeek 3: Menu with Allergens

Freshly Prepared

Their menus are based on seasonal fresh foods that use less fat, less salt and less sugar, all our meals are prepared daily by our experienced cooks.

Healthy Choices

Each day there is a selection of hot homemade dishes, one of which is always vegetarian. There is a minimum of two vegetables and four salad choices daily. All of our menus are well balanced with protein and carbohydrates. We encourage increased fibre in the child’s diet and operate a nut free policy.

School Dinners are £2.40 per day, which is payable electronically via the link below.  Please do hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

To pay, click here: 

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