Our Staff

Meet the team

Welcome to the Worsley Bridge Primary School team. If you would like a hardcopy of the information below or any item of interest on this website, please contact the office and we will be happy to run off any hardcopies that you need.

Senior Leadership Team:

  • Executive Head Teacher/DSL: Miss Angela James
  • Deputy Head Teacher/DSL: Mrs Sophie Drake
  • Assistant Head Teacher/KS2 Leader/DSL: Mr David Bennett
  • Year 1 Teacher/KS1 Leader: Mrs Dawn Matthews
  • Reception Teacher/EYFS Leader: Miss Sarah Martin
  • SENCo Assistant/DSL: Mrs Belinda Jones

School Office Staff:

  • Mrs Sue Knox
  • Mrs Keighley Wood
  • Ms Sarah McEwen

Multi-Site Premises Manager:

  • Mr Alan Clark

Teaching Staff:

  • Year 6 Teacher: Mrs Amy Mendez
  • Year 6 Teacher: Ms Beverley Pilkington
  • Year 5 Teacher/Assistant Head Teacher/KS2 Leader: Mr David Bennett
  • Year 5 Teacher: Mr Joe Gwilliam
  • Year 4 Teacher: Ms Viv Letsu
  • Year 4 Teacher: Mrs Iuliana Paun
  • Year 3 Teacher: Mrs Fiona Swain
  • Year 3 Teacher: Miss Shree Mattu
  • Year 2 Teacher: Miss Alice Hicks
  • Year 2 Teacher: Miss Maria Corbett
  • Year 1 Teacher/KS1 Leader: Mrs Dawn Matthews
  • Year 1 Teacher: Miss Emma Johnstone-Burt
  • Year 1 Teacher: Miss Georgia Gagan
  • Reception Teacher/EYFS Leader: Miss Sarah Martin
  • Reception Teacher: Mrs Emma Bartlett

TAs and Pastoral Care Staff:

  • Year 6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Fiona Zelaya
  • Year 6 Teaching Assistant: Ms Terry Purdy
  • Year 5 Teaching Assistant: Ms Selin Webb
  • Year 4 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Angela Barrett
  • Year 4 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Clare Rose
  • Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kim Hardinges
  • Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Ms Catherine Lindo
  • Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Mrs May Hopkins
  • Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lisa Neal
  • Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dawn Green
  • Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Miss Amy Harley
  • Year 1 Teaching Assistant: Miss Bobby Cable
  • Year 1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Paula Parham
  • Year 1 Teaching Assistant: Miss Carly Russell
  • EYFS Teaching Assistant: Mrs Danielle Walker


  • EYFS Teaching Asstant: Mrs Gina Latuske-Hearl
  • Inclusion Support Assistant: Mrs Sarah Benjamin
  • Inclusion Support Assistant: Ms Yasmin Mostafa
  • Learning Mentor: Mrs Maria Lisi

Midday Supervisor Staff:

  • Breakfast Club/MMS: Ms Andrea Dennison
  • Breakfast Club/MMS: Ms Tina Provins