Design and Technology



At Worsley Bridge Primary school, we intend to build a DT curriculum which is inspiring and practical. DT is a unique, active subject as children draw on a broad range of skills from other curriculum areas; especially Maths, Art, Computing and Science and apply their knowledge of these to design, create and evaluate a product.

Through DT we want our children to have the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they need to be critical thinkers and successful in later life. At Worsley Bridge all children develop a passion for DT because it encompasses all children’s learning styles, hands on active learning and a resilience in a safe open-ended environment. Children are encouraged to have a go, learn to face and overcome challenges through DT.

DT develops children’s thinking, discussion, questioning skills and problem solving when determining the design, creation and evaluation of the product. We inspire children to dream big and not put on a cap on their creative designs. The children love to create and make during DT and understand they can make changes to the world.


At Worsley Bridge we follow Kapow Primary’s Design and technology scheme, where children develop their skills in the six key areas. These include textiles, cooking and nutrition, mechanisms/mechanical systems, structures, electrical systems (KS2) and the digital world (KS2). There is a clear progression of skills and knowledge within these strands and key areas across each year group.

Each of the key areas follows the design process (design, make and evaluate) and has a particular theme and focus from the technical knowledge or cooking and nutrition section of the curriculum. Kapow allows children to revisit areas and they build upon complexity, allowing children to build on their previous learning.


We aim for children to foster a love of DT and be able to take the skills to enable them to succeed in their secondary education and be innovative and resourceful members of society.

DT Progression Knowledge and Skills EYFS year 6